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When are Secure Adhesive Strips used instead of Secure Denture Adhesive?

Secure Denture Adhesive guarantees a completely secure bond between the upper jaw and denture for the whole day.  It solves the problems associated with upper dentures. Secure Denture Adhesive also solves problems associated with lower dentures for relatively well-formed jaws. However, for denture wearers with a flat and/or narrow jaw, we recommend Secure Adhesive Strips. The strips assure a secure fit for even the most difficult denture problems.

For the upper denture, only the Secure  Denture Adhesive should be used.  For the lower denture, either the Secure Denture Adhesive or the Secure Adhesive Strips can be used, depending on the user´s needs.

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What can be done if the user can feel the strip with his tongue?

The user will feel the strip only if it was not cut properly. The strip must be cut as exactly as possible so it will fit the denture perfectly.

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Can a denture wearer who wears a soft lined denture use Secure Denture Adhesive Strips?

An optimal bonding effect can only be achieved if Secure Denture Adhesive Strips is used with a hard and smooth base.  Dentures with soft linings will reduce the bonding effect of Secure Denture Adhesive Strips.

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What if users have a sticky feeling when using Secure?

In this case, the Secure Adhesive Strip was not properly cut to fit. The strip should be cut after fitting it to the denture - so the edges of the strip stay within the edges of the denture.

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The Strip does not match the form of the user's dentures.

Remove the protective foils on both sides of the Secure Strip. By bending the strips the user can form the strip in a way that it matches the form of the denture.

Make sure that the strips will be cut in this way:

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